The origin of the curb chain is really interesting and has strong cultural connections.

Because hip-hop culture and music are driving fashion trends, many different styles of curb chains are in vogue. The beginnings of the curb chain trace back to a centuries-old technique, in which a piece of round metal wire is twisted to form a uniquely groove shape. The pattern of a curb chain is very regular. Each ring has a groove on one side, and these grooves have the same width, length and depth; connected together, the links form a curb chain. The process is then repeated until the correct length is made. From such a basic shape, chains in a variety of shapes and colors can be created.


Curb chains were originally for use in horses’ bridles; a curb chain needs to attach to different parts of the bit as part of the horse tack. The curb chain is attached to the bit in the horse’s mouth and is located under the horse’s chin. Proper positioning enhances control of the horse, so it can’t be either too tight or too loose. It’s so interesting to learn where this type of jewelry comes from! Icehiphop looks forward to bringing you more content about hip-hop culture.

In hip-hop jewelry, curb chains are often used as necklaces and bracelets. They are versatile enough to be used as general chains, as well as to hang pendants and other items from them. Curb chains are also sometimes used in clothing and purse designs, matching the latest fashion trends and different personal requirements.


There are many different styles of curb chains, all quite unique, from the simple and handsome Miami Cuban Chain, to the bold Bubble Round Cuban Chain, and even the luxurious Pave Cuban Chain. Decide which one you want to wear to suit the occasion and your outfit, to show your strengths and charms. I have always found curb chains to be delightful and even magical.


So, about the second question:

Why do rappers love cuban chains?

Well, it’s because the chains are perfect for creating your image, whether for a formal event or a lavish concert. You can find the right chain to express your style!

Here are two practical ways to mix and match.


The first is to use multiple layers of chain to show off your charisma. Generally, you would use 3-4 chains: A long thin chain with a big pendant; a short thick chain; and a small necklace. This rapper-like approach is always a simple but eye-catching one.


Second, if you need to attend a formal occasion, then choose chains of appropriate length, thickness, and size – remember to wear the right chain for the occasion. Don’t choose a chain that is so small that it gives no decorative value; but also don’t choose a chain that is so thick that it grabs too much attention rather adding just the right effect. As shown in the illustration, the effect at this size is neither too exaggerated nor too delicate; instead, it’s a very comfortable match.


If you want to know about hip hop jewelry, maybe the hip hop jewelry guide can help you.

How to choose a hip hop jewelry that suits you ?


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