Among all the chains out there for men, there’s one that you can easily overlook – the Box Chain, which is a very common chain and a pretty classic one. The reason for its popularity is that it pairs well with clothing or with other necklaces when multi-layered, making it one of the most popular Men’s Chains. However, it’s easily overlooked when compared to the Figaro Chains or Cuban Chains, which are favored by celebrities or hip-hop artists. Actually, it’s easy to match this chain, so try a Box Chain when you want to experiment with your own style.


The Structure of the Box Chain

A Box Chain is a combination of square or box-shaped metal links cut into four equal sides. Each individual link is joined on both sides by links of the same shape, and multiple square links are connected to form a necklace with smooth lines. When you look at it from a distance, it takes on the luster of a snake chain, but with more dimension.


Evolution of the Box Chain

Many classic chains are developed in different variations from a basic structure. These modifications often lead to more interesting effects. You can use various Box Chains to try out different personal styles.


Round Box Chain

The key variation of the Round Box Chain is to give the surface a specific curved shape, making the chain look similar to a classic Cable Chain, somewhat like a widened version of the Cable Chain. This way the durability of the Box Chain can be enhanced.


Mirror Box Chain

As the name suggests, this type of Box Chain displays a luster like a mirror. The structure is almost the same as the standard Box Chain, but the main difference is that each link of the Mirror Box Chain stands closer to each other and the gaps are smaller. Moreover, the polishing process allows the light to be reflected perfectly, creating a mirror effect.


Double Box Chain or Triple Box Chain

This model is an evolution from the basic structure, breaking away from the original flat and square structure. Although each link is still the same, the construction is stacked on top of each other. In this way, the chain features a higher strength and a unique weave pattern.


Greek Box Chain

Greek Box Chain is richer than the usual Box Chain. When the chain is laid flat, the pattern on the chain can be clearly seen, showing ancient Greek aesthetics. The Greek Box Chain has a visual angle of 45 degrees. This unique design is perfect for men who are looking for some classical elegance.


Highlights of choosing a Box Chain

The Box Chain is a very versatile chain for men. The regular structure and shape makes it ideal for everyday wear, and it can be worn in both casual and formal settings to bring out your personal style.



Before buying a Men’s Box Chain, the material is the first thing to consider, as it has to do with the length of time you wear it. Of course, if you need to wear it for a long time without taking it off, the Gold Box Chain and Silver Box Chain are your best choices. If it’s only for matching needs, I personally recommend the Stainless Steel Box Chain as a good option.



Comfort is an important issue that cannot be ignored, so the right Box Chain will help you feel more comfortable. Thicker styles are perfect for parties or celebrations, and can create a strong and vibrant look.



In choosing the chain length, your first priority is to choose a Box Chain that matches your overall style. Taller men can choose a thicker or longer style. If you have a medium build, you can choose a simple style.


Among different Men’s Chains, each one carries its own individual style. No matter which chain you prefer, you can always create your own style.


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