About Fatima Hands Symbolize.

Does the palm facing upwards mean the same as the palm facing downwards?

Do you often see people wearing the Fatima Hand Pendant, and does this trigger your curiosity? This totem has a deeper and more meaningful connotation than the Evil Eye or the Italian Horn amulet, although they both possess the meaning of protection and good luck.


What is Hamsa?

The “Hand of Fatima“ is also known as the “Hamsa.” It’s one of the oldest symbols in history, dating back thousands of years to Mesopotamia and Carthage. It has been regarded as a mystical amulet and worn as a talisman. Today, it has become one of the most well-known amulets in the world. People wish to wear the Hand of Fatima Necklace to gain protection and ward off evil forces.


The Story of Hand of Fatima/Hamsa

The name Hand of Fatima comes from Fatima, the daughter of Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, and there is a story in the Islamic folklore.

One day Fatima was in the kitchen preparing dinner for her beloved husband. The door suddenly opened and her husband came in with a girl. After the introduction, Fatima found out that the girl was going to be her husband’s future second wife. She was so distraught that she didn’t even know she had dropped the wooden spoon in her hand and continued to stir the soup with her bare hands. The physical pain was far less than the grief in her heart. However, when Fatima’s husband rushed to her side and scolded her in surprise and distress, she suddenly sobered up from her confusion. This incident made her husband realize his wife’s great love for him, and he since learned that love cannot be hurt in any way.

Because of this story, the Hand of Fatima is also used as a talisman of love, guarding a love that is not easily obtained.


What Does the Direction of the Palm of the Hand of Fatima Mean?

The Hamsa has different names in different religions, and depending on the faith and religion, it has different meanings. But one thing remains the same: The Hand of Fatima is a symbol of protection that shields you from harm caused by negative forces.In addition, the direction of the palm of the hand is significant.


What Does Palm of the Hand Facing Downward Symbolizes?

◆The palm of the hand facing downward represents wealth and luck. It’s also a good symbol to invite good things into our lives, including luck, health and happiness. As a sign of inviting good luck, the fingers are usually together.


What Does Palm of the Hand Facing Upward Symbolizes?

◆The palm of the hand facing upward symbolizes protection from negative forces. It’s also a symbol to help the wearer control his or her negative emotions, fear, greed, hatred and insecurity. Unlike the gesture inviting good luck, the fingers can be separated as a symbol of protection against evil.


Wearing the Hand of Fatima/Hamsa Pendant

The Hand of Fatima/Hamsa symbol is full of positive power, and if worn purely as jewelry, it gives you a stylish look perfect for fall and winter when you can wear it over a sweater. However, it can also be a protective symbol that can safeguard you from negative forces and bring you the luck and positivity you desire.

While common Hand of Fatima jewelry includes pendants and bracelets, the Hand of Fatima Pendant is a great choice for outfits. Whether the palm is facing up or down, it protects the wearer by bringing good luck and keeping evil away.


Many of our jewelry pieces have a very special message, because of the beautiful stories and meanings that make them so valuable. The ICEHIPHOP designer team loves the stories behind these jewels as much as you do.



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