With the slow recovery of life, some fashion designers’ design concepts are coming out one after another and fashion trends are gradually becoming clearer. New elements and new vitality symbolize new opportunities. High-intensity colors such as bright pink and purple, bright orange, soft pinks, etc. are emerging as a very vibrant and intense fashion trend in men’s jewelry. We’ve selected three Men’s Chain Necklaces that are unique and personalized for recommendation.


History of Men’s Jewelry

Here’s two short stories about men’s jewelry. England’s Henry VIII was the most fashionable monarch in British history. He was not only very talented and had many notable marriages, but was also known for picking out his own clothes and jewelry every day. Have you ever heard about the Patiala Necklace? It contains a total of 2,930 diamonds and is set with a large 428-carat diamond, created by Cartier for Sir Bhupindar Singh of India, taking a full three years to complete the piece. These two interesting short stories tell us that the connection between jewelry and men goes back much further than you might think. As early as ancient times, animal teeth and shells were used for decoration and gradually evolved into symbols of hierarchy and power.

What does jewelry represent in men’s lives?

Simply put, it’s a symbol of status and power. Since early times, jewelry has   represented power. If we look back throughout history, we see that jewelry was     often used in scepters and crowns to represent and demonstrate status. We’re      surprised to find that men used jewelry more often than women. For men,       jewelry wasn’t just a symbol of beauty, but also of strength and prestige.

The Awakening of Gender-Neutral Jewelry

I remember the Spring/Summer 2022 fashion shows in Milan and New York, which featured a lot of natural and metallic elements. They continued a trend of     men’s jewelry from the past two years, using lots of shells and pearls to create   interesting combinations with chains. I always feel like this is the first step in men’s jewelry innovation, and that there’ll be more breakthroughs for men’s      jewelry in the future. I also believe that this means the awakening of      gender-neutral jewelry will begin to break down the barrier between women and    men’s jewelry.

Men’s Jewelry Trends

The trend for men’s jewelry isn’t as obvious as it is with men’s apparel. Often it’s only at fashion shows or events like the Grammys and other music award      ceremonies where we see celebrities on the red carpet and under the spotlight,      that we can discover the jewelry trends through the stars.


Three types of Men’s Chain Necklaces for everyday wear

Chains are a popular men’s jewelry style, perfect for those seeking a personalized look for any occasion. This article introduces some of the chains that can be worn with everyday wear. Avoid choosing chains that are too flashy and stand out too much for everyday wear; choose the right necklace for the right occasion to ensure that you express your unique charm and style.

★Pearl Necklace

Men’s pearl necklaces have become a very popular piece of fashion jewelry recently, and the overall fashion sense of men’s pearl necklaces is very different from that of women’s. It’s more about matching the elements in the pearl necklace, such as pairing it with the right chains or metallic elements. The ICEHIPHOP store has a couple of pearl necklaces that are just perfect for everyday wear. The following one combines silver genuine pearl shells with the Figaro Chain for a more metallic and lustrous look that brings out the best in men’s style.

ICEHIPHOP →https://www.icedouthiphop.com/icehiphop-shell-pearls-7mm-figaro-curb-chain-for-men/

★Figaro Chain

This chain is made up of three fixed ovals and a long oval structure, which looks more fun and relaxing than other chains, giving it a particularly elegant look. The ICEHIPHOP store has several Figaro Chain models that are perfect for everyday wear, such as the following Men’s Chain Necklace, which is made of stainless steel and is easy to wear and maintain.

ICEHIPHOP →https://www.icedouthiphop.com/trendy-hip-hop-jewelry-5mm-stainless-steel-figaro-chain/


★Miami Curb Chain

For everyday wear, you should pay special attention to the size of the chain and never pick a chain over 10mm. Unless you need a more eye-catching style, it’s best to keep your business wear as simple and personalized as possible during the workdays. Here’s the best-selling Miami Curb Chain from the ICEHIPHOP store.

ICEHIPHOP →https://www.icedouthiphop.com/icehipho-best-rapper-chains-12mm-miami-cuban-link-chain/



Men’s Chain Necklaces for everyday wear

For men, the main focus of jewelry during the workday is to wear good quality jewelry and not too much of it. We recommend that you don’t wear more than three pieces of jewelry on your body. If you tend to wear a watch, it’s a simple and basic rule that you shouldn’t wear more than two pieces of jewelry on your body at most.

Not too many layers combined

For daily dress, in this case weekday attire, you should usually avoid being too conspicuous. In terms of chains, if you’re wearing a shirt or T-shirt, then try not to put on more than two chains, not only to achieve a personalized dress but to also avoid attracting too much attention.

Choose a lighter weight chain

Yes, different places require different combinations. Don’t wear a chain all the      time – it’ll make people around you feel visually tired and think that you don’t   change things up often enough. Sometimes, it’s necessary to make appropriate       changes. Choose a chain that you wouldn’t normally wear, but maybe try to    choose something lighter and avoid heavy chains.

Choose a high-quality Real Gold Chain

You can consider high quality jewelry like a gold cuban link chain. It’s necessary   to have one or two pieces of this high-quality jewelry for a special work day or    business event. Of course, you should avoid heavy and thick chains. It’s not only   about the price, but also about the matching effects.


How to Identify Men’s Chain Necklace Trends

Finally, you may have noticed that men need to use a delicate Chain Necklace to create a yuppie image, while women want to create more powerful lines that neutralize their feminine appearance. In doing so, jewelry is becoming more and more gender-neutral. Chain matching can be more flexible, helping you to show off your personal charm, meaning that making your choices in chains becomes important as it determines your image and matching effect. We hope that ICEHIPHOP’s articles will bring you new sparks of creativity, and we’ll continue to launch more personalized and design-rich products in the future.


Jewelry Designer: Liliana


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