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The Guide for Bling Rings & Hip-Hop Rings

Here’s an intro to the various types of Hip-Hop Rings.
With regard to hip-hop, we directly associate the culture with hip-hop artists. Although they all have different creative styles, hip-hop music has always been a symbol of the fight of artists. In their music, hip-hop artists share their life stories, experiences, and struggles. Each artist’s story is an exciting experience, so the best way to showcase their achievements to the public is through jewelry.

Many people have the misconception that jewelry is exclusively for women, but in fact, jewelry is not gender specific. Throughout history, jewelry has been a symbol of power and prestige for kings and royalty. Try to imagine if these celebrities or everyone’s favorite rap stars didn’t wear jewelry. Would they suddenly lose their sparkle? They wouldn’t seem to be that different from the rest of us, would they?

Why are hip-hop rings introduced here alone?
Because a ring is a highly personalized piece of jewelry that can quickly build up your own style.
Of course, you can also call it a rapper ring, because rappers are always at the forefront of fashion trends, and having a rapper on board will definitely help a piece of hip-hop jewelry become popular and fashionable.

Here’s a short breakdown of the Bling Ring & Hip-Hop Rings that are currently popular.
You can choose the right Bling Ring for each stage of your life or age.

Meaningful Rings
The Masonic Ring symbolizes a large fraternity organization, a positive and complex institution.
The 5 Point Star Ring has several good connotations: being a talisman, representing Sirius, symbolizing the five wounds of Jesus, the five elements of the world, power, and of course, a star-like dazzle.
The Dollar Ring symbolizes not only the pursuit of money, but also the pursuit of material life enhancement.
In the ICEHIPHOP store, there are several textured Dollar Rings, which are also some of my favorite pieces.
Apart from these, the Cross Ring symbolizes the meaning of spiritual trust and faith, also making it an indispensable part of your ring collection.

Movie & Cartoon themed Rings
Movie themes such as the Anonymous Mask and the Saw Mask are actually some rappers’ favorites, showing a preference for contemporary culture and a different vision.

Sports themed Rings
The most interesting part about sports themed rings is the annual championship ring, which of course also shows which team you’re rooting for.
Besides championship rings, there’s also some simple sports images, such as American footballs, baseball caps, basketball stands, and basketballs, which are also very popular looks.

Animal themed Rings
The most common animal shapes are lions and leopards, and sharks, which are popular with rap stars (however, sharks are usually made into pendants rather than rings because of their large size).
The leopard ring is often used to showcase the dynamic beauty of the animal, giving the piece a sense of power and splendor.
The King of Lion Ring presents a sense of power and prestige just like a king.

Specially shaped Rings
You’ve probably already seen all kinds of Chain Rings, from delicate to rough, and the Crown Ring, Ace Poker Ring, Skull or Lighter Ring, all of which are popular because of their special shapes.

Basic suggestions for hip-hop jewelry combinations
Choosing the right jewelry for yourself, such as a man’s Cuban Chain or Hip-Hop Ring, will definitely advance your fashion style, but there’s still some tips and tricks to use to make your tastes more eye-catching.

Rings come in sets of three
It’s recommended that you don’t wear just one ring, as it will look monotonous and won’t present the texture of your hip-hop jewelry. The element of hip-hop has to be based upon liveliness.
So, it’s recommended that you choose at least 2-3 rings with different styles.
You’ll find some hip-hop stars wearing 4 rings, although this is a bit much, but it’s a great way to show hip-hop style.

Choose jewelry in a similar color as possible
Hip-hop jewelry is usually gold and silver, so it’s a simple rule not to mix colors too much.
For example:
If you choose a silver Miami Curb Chain with a gold pendant, this combination won’t work well together.
If you choose a Two-Tone Curb Chain (silver and rose gold), then you can choose a rose gold or silver pendant, which would pair up nicely.

Remember not to wear more than three colors of jewelry
More than three colors can easily make people feel offput and overwhelmed
Imagine a celebrity with a blue and white Cuban Chain and an exaggerated ruby Cuban Prong Link Chain. Right? It feels like there’s too much color.

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