Tennis chain can be either the main chain or the matching chain. It has luxury jewelry effect. ICEHIPHOP helps you carefully control the quality of jewelry, so you don’t need to worry.

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Tennis Chain Guide

What is a tennis chain?
Do you have a lot of questions about tennis chains?
How do you know a tennis chain is real?

Here is a brief introduction to what a tennis chain is.
Simply speaking, it is a string of diamonds strung together to make a necklace. The choice of gemstones for a tennis necklace can be made with small diamonds or large diamonds. Moissanite or zircon are also good choices.
The metal material can be chosen according to the budget, using 14K gold or 18K gold, 925 sterling silver or copper material to make it. These are environmentally friendly materials and are also quite friendly to the body.

The popular sizes of tennis chain are 18″, 20″, 22″, and 24″, which are more suitable for male wearers and can be matched with a suitable pendant to show off your personal style without feeling pressured.

As for the second question
How do you know a tennis chain is real?
If by “real” you mean a high end stone like a diamond, then of course it is a valuable diamond tennis chain. I’m sure you would buy a diamond tennis necklace from a reputable store, and at that point, the merchant should be able to provide you with a gemological certificate for the diamond to ensure its authenticity.

In recent years, tennis chains have become more and more popular for everyday wear. For this reason, the gemstones used in tennis chains are becoming more and more diverse. High quality cubic zirconia is the choice of most people because of its brightness and the variety of colors available. In addition, moissanite tennis chains are getting more and more attention because of their brilliance, which is comparable to that of diamond tennis chains.

In the ICEHIPHOP store, tennis chains are our favorite pieces, so we offer a wide range of tennis chain designs. In addition to the usual classics, we also have blue and white stones that match each other, Baguette Diamond tennis chains, and even high quality moissanite tennis chains and princess cut moissanite tennis chains. It is ICEHIPHOP’s principle to present the best pieces to our customers, so please feel free to contact us to choose a tennis chain that is just for you.

Jewelry Designer: Liliana