The Cuban Chain has always been the focus of hip-hop jewelry. From the simple minimalist Cuban Chain to the luxurious Pave Cuban Chain, or the Men’s Pearl Cuban Chain. The style is special and has personal characteristics. If you are a fan of the Cuban chain, don’t miss the Cuban chain.

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10 Different Types of Curb Chains

Here’s an introduction to the various types of Curb Chains
Different Curb Chains are different in appearance and name.
Are you often confused by all these differences?
Do you think they look simple but the construction’s hard to figure out?
In this article, I’ll give you a brief intro to Curb Chains.
I’ve done a lot of researching for this article.
If there are any errors or omissions, please feel free to write me an e-mail!

Although there are many different types of Curb Chains, you can usually guess which one it is by its name. It’s a magical chain with a seemingly simple structure but a variety of effects, and different chains can be paired with the right pendant or outfit to bring out a star-like luster and glow.
Here are ten different kinds of Curb Chains:

◆Rounded Curb Chain
The rounded Curb Chain is the most basic shape of all Curb Chains, and other Curb Chains are derived from this basic shape; that being the case, there aren’t many decorations and special manufacturing processes, with the only difference being whether the chain is hollow or solid. However, this craft shouldn’t be underestimated, because regardless of whether it’s hollow or solid, it still requires considerable skill to make it smooth and perfectly glossy.

◆Open Curb Chain
This kind of chain is just like the name says. Each ring is connected to the other in a more open way, and you will find that it’s not very dense in structure, but rather more separated.
Because the chain feels lighter, it’s more appropriate for use with a pendant, so you can focus more on the pendant without feeling like it takes up too much space.

◆Closed Curb Chain
This is the opposite of the Open Curb Chain in that each ring is linked closer together, giving it a thicker, more solid structure. This Closed Curb Chain is perfect for wearing as a standalone, even without a pendant, to show off its unique personality.

◆Miami Cuban Link Chain
Do you find this name very stylish?
What do you associate with Miami? Sunshine and Beaches!
Besides the sunshine and the beach, there’s another very special factor that contributes to this piece. Miami is a melting pot of cultures, influenced by Latin American and Caribbean cultures, giving it a strong cultural and linguistic identity.
Another name for the Miami Cuban Chain is the Cuban Link Chain. Simply put, it’s a chain without any adornments made with thick sides. As such, the Miami Cuban Link Chain gives a strong impression of simplicity and clean structure – a powerful style completely different from other Curb Chains.

◆Concave Curb Chain
This type of Concave Curb Chain is a “flat” style, and this shape is the opposite of the next Flat Curb Chain. This structure has a bar-like groove in the middle of the chain, which makes the chain feel more personalized. It’s a great necklace to wear alone without it feeling monotonous.

◆Flat Curb Chain
This type of Curb Chain is also a “flat” style, similar to the Square Curb Chain and the opposite structure of the Concave Curb Chain.
The most unusual part of the chain is the beveled shape of the chain on both sides, which is set between about 30 to 45 degrees. From a bird’s eye view, it has a more linear and stylized look. This chain style is visually lighter and more shaped, and has a unique .

◆Square Curb Chain
This is a special Curb Chain variation. The original Curb Chain has a ring shape, but this structure has been transformed into a nearly square shape, so it has a sleek and linear appearance, and the triangle is highlighted in the structure of the ring and the ring.This chain is the most personalized of the Curb Chains, and it carries a very masculine charm.

◆Diamond-Cut Curb Chain
This Curb Chain style is a display in craftsmanship. The goldsmith needs strong skills to cut the surface of the metal precisely so that the surface of the metal shows a diamond-like reflective light. Even if it’s pure metal, it can replicate the texture of a gemstone.This technique is appropriate for any precious metal jewelry, and can be applied to the surface of chains, pendants, bracelets, and metal earrings with a diamond cut.

◆Pave Curb Chain
My personal favorite style is to use bling gemstones for the setting. The choice of gemstones is quite diverse: diamonds, moissanite, high quality cubic zirconia or colored gemstones such as rubies, sapphires and spinels can be used to enrich the Curb Chain. For the metallic part, sterling silver (925 Sterling Silver), K-gold or copper, which are environmentally friendly, or platinum, a precious metal that’s more difficult to work with, are all good choices.A Pave Curb Chain can easily display a perfect sense of splendor and is a very striking piece of hip-hop jewelry.

◆Milled Curb Chain
This Curb Chain uses a shaving process that results in a very flat, shiny shape on the surface. The simplicity of this style makes the chain itself very easy to maintain, so you shouldn’t worry about damaging the necklace even if you wear it every day. If you admire a simple style, then don’t miss out on a Milled Curb Chain.

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