What should we pay attention to before jewelry customization?


Jewelry is a very unique and personal work, so it must have personal touches.

Many people think of a certain person when they see jewelry.

That’s because jewelry represents not only a person’s identity, but also important dates and memories.

Sometimes the person you love may not be with you for the rest of your life, but jewelry can often be with you on every special day.


What do I need to know before I order my jewelry?

What’s the best way to get your jewelry to fit your ideas?

Nowadays, jewelry customization is very diverse, from the usual rings to Grillz Jewelry, which have become popular in the past few years.

Jewelry design is increasingly focused on the expression of personal characteristics.

So it’s important to pay attention to the following details when communicating with your jewelry designer:

1.          Prepare some of your favorite types of jewelry so the designer can better understand your preferences.

2.          Download some pictures of works that are close to your expectations to make it easier to communicate with the designer.

3.          Bring a pen and paper to try to show the details you want, such as size and color, when communicating with the designer.

4.          Give some extra thought about what you want so the designer can grasp the key points.

 What should you pay attention to before customizing hip hop jewelry? How to communicate?

Here I’ll give two examples


1. In the case of Grillz custom-made hip-hop jewelry

Communication is especially important, because Grillz Jewelry is more special.

Grillz Jewelry often comes in contact with your teeth and tongue.

So, in addition to highlighting the design features, the comfort when wearing your jewelry is the most important consideration.

So, if you’ve got some extra creativity.

You should be especially careful not to have protrusions or sharp objects for your creative display.

Avoid designs that might cause discomfort.

Once you’ve followed this principle, you’re ready to start your creative process.


2. The customized Memorial Necklace

A memorial necklace is usually made with a picture of your loved one to show your memories and thoughts of them.

For that reason, you can consider adding a name or a quote when you’re customizing to show you miss them.

This will show your thoughts more.

 Jewelry Designer: Liliana

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