Jewelry definitely plays an important role in hip-hop culture. The art of hip-hop has become the epitome of this era. Hip-hop culture has become a trend as the art of rap has become more and more popular in recent years. Even if you can’t learn the art of rap, you can still learn how to dress like a rap star to enhance your personality. Among all hip-hop jewelry, hip-hop necklaces can be mixed and matched the easiest.


Matching Elements for Fall/Winter

For many people, a man who makes good use of necklaces not only enhances his overall appearance, but also increase his fashionable charm, bringing his personal style to a higher level. ICEHIPHOP’s new fall/winter accessory elements are the pendants. Using a Bling Bling Pendant and fashionable bracelets to match your outfit is the best way to show off your sense of glamour in fall and winter when the temperature drops. Here are four different hip-hop pendants styles that you can choose from to suit your personal preferences.


Jesus Piece Pendant

Here we have a very famous pendant – the Jesus Piece Pendant. The Jesus Piece is spiritually symbolic jewelry, popular in hip-hop culture and passing on the spirit of hip-hop. Not only does it portray the Jesus’ face, but it shows him wearing a crown of thorns.

Many hip-hop artists and celebrities have worn it, and the late rapper Biggie commissioned three pieces from jewelers, while Ye and Japanese artist Takashi Murakami collaborated on a very contemporary and attention-captivating Jesus Piece work. Regardless of whether the piece is fascinating or not, it looks really amazing.

Celebrities who’ve worn the Jesus Piece include The Game, Kendrick Lamar, and even new generation rapper Big Sean, A$AP Rocky, Travis Scott, and many more. The Jesus Piece is popular with all generations as it symbolizes that the spirit of Hip-Hop will never die.


Jesus Cross Pendant

When you think of Jesus, you directly associate Him with the cross. The Jesus Cross Pendant was originally designed as a tribute to Him. The meanings and varieties of crosses are numerous. In ancient Babylon, it was once considered a symbol of the sun god and a sign of the continuity of life. Today, the cross is more than a mere belief. It can be a spiritual emblem, it can represent the struggle of life, and it can be a part of fashion. More and more people are wearing a Cross Necklace because it not only has an inspiring meaning, but it also makes people feel stylish.


Animal Pendants


Iced Out Animal Pendants are rich in shape, vivid in appearance, and filled with the spirit of hip-hop culture, and people can’t help but have their attention pulled by these dazzling gemstone designs.

When people choose Animal Pendants, most of them are related to the theme the person wants to present. The most popular animal themes are lions, leopards and sharks, which can show the animal’s themes power and beauty.


Speaking of Iced Out Animal Pendants, maybe you still remember Tekashi69’s expensive shark pendant, which is said to have been set with tens of thousands of diamonds and cost $750,000. This pendant is probably also at the top of the list of most expensive pieces.


Name Pendants

Unique and full of gemstones, the Name Necklace has become a trendy item. Many hip-hop artists have their own custom hip-hop pendant, and name pendants are the easiest way to demonstrate their personal character. Name Letter Pendants are a great piece of jewelry to give as presents, either for a birthday or an anniversary.


New Store Opening

ICEHIPHOP has many great designs waiting to be discovered, and there are Buy 2 Get 1 Free and 1 Year Warranty events for the new store opening, making it a specialty Men’s jewelry store with a very high price/performance ratio. ICEHIPHOP’s designers have their own unique perspective on hip-hop jewelry and hip-hop culture, so if you’re interested, please come in and check it out.


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