Religious jewelry has a centuries-old history, and among them, cross jewelry plays a very important role and has been passed down to this day. In Christianity, the cross symbolizes God’s love for the world and the spirit of sacrifice. The meaning of the cross necklace is the essence of this concept. Therefore, many people choose to wear this emblem to show their commitment to their faith under religious doctrine. Today, however, the Cross Necklace is no longer just a symbol of faith, but more of a spiritual sign.


History of Cross Jewelry

One of the histories of every culture is the wearing of religious jewelry. In ancient Egypt, people chose to wear the Ankh cross for celebration and worship, because the Ankh cross has rings representing life and fertility.

The cross, a mysterious symbol that has traveled throughout millennia, did not, in fact, originate in the Christian Church. The use of the cross has been found in ancient Egyptian, Babylonian, Assyrian and Roman cultures, where the shape of the cross has been used as a religious symbol. The most widespread use of this symbol was when the Romans converted to Christianity. At that time, the cross became so well known as a symbol of Christianity that a distinctive cross pendant or crucifix necklace was worn as a statement of faith.


But the wearing of the cross as a necklace dates back to around the 2nd century AD, when the Christian leader Tertullian had faithful followers wear the cross emblem as a necklace around their necks to make their faith known. At the end of the 4th century, Bishop Paulinus of Nola considered the cross to be both a sacred symbol of Christ’s crucifixion and a sign of protection and defense.


Cross Jewelry Means a Lot to Believers

The cross pendant has great significance for believers because it represents God and faith. Wearing a cross pendant means acknowledging and embracing Christ, and it’s also an important connection between religion and believers. When you’re lost, the symbol of the cross can serve as a reliable anchor. It’s like a lighthouse that shows the way for a ship lost on a vast sea. It’ll guide you in the direction of your journey so you don’t lose your way.


Nowadays, wearing a cross necklace can mean more than just faith – it can be a connection between life and spirituality, and it’s become an important gift that has a spiritual meaning that goes beyond its own value. A Cross Necklace can be a gift of faith, a gift for a devoted Christian, or for someone who is going through a challenge to remind them to keep their trust in God.


 Modern Cross Jewelry

Over time, the Cross symbol has evolved into hundreds of different styles. In another article, The Meanings Behind the 10 Most Popular Crosses Necklace, we mentioned the different meanings of the Cross, such as the Latin Cross, Inverted Cross, Jerusalem Cross, Greek Cross, Ankh Cross, and so on. Modern Cross Jewelry has outgrown its original religious form and is more about spiritual meaning and fashion, which is a modern mainstream trend. People like its simplicity, individuality and iconic implications. Wearing a cross in modern times is not only a belief to a certain religion, but also fashion.


How to Choose Your Cross Necklace

From simple to luxurious, there are very different designs of cross necklace. In addition to the design elements, you also need to pay attention to the choice of material and color features, because the material is related to the presentation of color, and each material has its own limitations.


Material Selection

The materials used for jewelry are gold, 925 silver, copper, and stainless steel for environmental protection. Among them, precious metal materials are beneficial to the body and can preserve its value.


Color Selection

To present different colors, here are some examples of how to do it

◆Select 925 silver material if you want the appearance of gold

The general practice is to electroplate gold onto a 925 Sterling Silver Cross Necklace.

◆Select a stainless steel material if you want to show off a black appearance

Special plating can be used to show different colors of stainless steel and avoid fading.

◆Gold generally doesn’t need to be plating, but if you want to show different colors, you can use special color plating liquid as well as gemstone inlays.


Design Selection

Design selection is more subjective, and you can do it according to your preference.

Of course, the most important thing is to match it with your clothes to show the desired effect.

◆In fall and winter, you can consider the Bling Bling Cross Pendant with gemstones because of the dark color clothing.

◆For spring and summer, if you want to present a lighter look, you can choose a Cross Necklace with simple metal lines as a matching choice.


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