About Praying Hands Pendant

The image of “Praying Hands” might be familiar to most of you. Are you curious about the Praying Hands pendant? Why do people like to wear it? What’s the meaning behind it? It’s actually part of a sacred painting of the pair of praying hands of a disciple kneeling, facing an empty tomb. In 1508, German master painter Albrecht Dürer completed his legendary painting “The Praying Hands,” and there’s a touching story behind his work.


The story behind Praying Hands

This Praying Hands artwork has a very heartwarming message. The story goes that Albrecht Dürer, who grew up in a very poor family with 18 siblings, including two brothers who were very passionate about art and wanted to study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg. Dürer’s father was a metallurgist, and the family was under great financial pressure and couldn’t afford to send both brothers to school at the same time. So, the brothers decided to toss a coin to decide who would get to go to art school, and the loser would go to work in the local mines to earn money. Later, the one who worked in the mines would go to school after the other had finished four years of schooling. As you might have guessed, the younger brother won and went to art school first.


After he completed his studies, Dürer didn’t forget his promise and returned back to his village to look for his brother who was working in the mines. On that day, the family prepared a feast to celebrate Dürer’s return. Dürer expressed his gratitude to his brother and thought it was time for him to study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg. However, after four years of working in the mines, his brother’s hands were damaged and his joints were too stiff to make fine movements. He couldn’t even grip or lift a paintbrush.


A few days later, Dürer happened to see his brother kneeling with his hands together, praying to God to give all his talent to his brother. Dürer was touched by this sight, and looking at his brother’s gnarled hands, he recorded these hands of prayer with his own brush. This is the origin story of the “Praying Hands.” This work conveys the sincere love and gratitude between brothers through art, and represents the meaning of love and sacrifice.


Integrating the Praying Hands Element

Does this story move you too? The meaning behind the Praying Hands is really touching, so this element is being used in more and more areas, for example, tattoo lovers use this element to express the symbolic sacrifice behind the Praying Hands, fashion designers also incorporate it into clothing designs, and today’s hip-hop fans turn it into jewelry.


Praying Hands Pendant

The Praying Hands pendant is one of the most popular hip-hop jewelry pieces since the Praying Hands element was integrated into hip-hop culture. The ICEHIPHOP jewelry designers also designed the Praying Hands element as a pendant, and the beautiful meaning behind this pendant makes this piece even more meaningful.

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