Hip-hop jewelry GRILLZ


It’s not as difficult as you might think to order a unique hip hop jewelry GRILLZ.

Let’s introduce the process first:

  1. Make a teeth impression mold
  2. Make adental cement model
  3. Wax up
  4. Gold casting
  5. Polishing
  6. Setting diamonds and gem stones
  7. Gold plating (yellow) or rhodium plating (white)
  8. Finishes and polishing

The first and second stage is the easiest.

This part can be done with simple tools (as shown in the picture).

First, clean your mouth and rinse thoroughly.

Then, use professional silicone molding bars to make a mold of your teeth.

Even if you don’t go to a dentist to have your teeth modeled, you can still use the professional silicone molding bars to make a dental model of your own teeth without later causing discomfort to your teeth and gums from an unsuitable GRILLZ.

When using silicone molding bars, place your teeth in a proper position.

DO NOT place them too far in front or too far behind. Placing them correctly will reduce the failure rate of the dental mold.

Customize grillz-use plaster to create the mold

Customize grillz-use plaster to create the mold

After making your GRILLZ teeth mold, you need to use plaster to create the mold.

After the plaster is completely hardened, the basic shape and design of the GRILLZ can be made by using wax film.

You can customize your GRILLZ’s jewelry design according to your personal taste and style.

You can get up with a jewelry designer for the design part.

GRILLZ design for hip-hop jewelry

Your selection of materials and gemstones, and even the color combination are all important factors in determining your style.

As a jewelry designer, I’m as excited as you are to see what you come up with!


Jewelry Designer: Liliana


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