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Hip hop jewelry Guide

Show personal characteristics

Do you want to show personal charm?

The most important thing is to be able to highlight your characteristics.

Hip hop jewelry should be suitable for its own style and characteristics.

Different occasions

You have to know which styles are going to fit with your wardrobe and how to layer on more

than one accessory.

Hip hop style pays special attention to occasions. You can use multiple layers necklaces to show

up your style and charm.

In addition, earrings and hairstyles are important images for a person.

If you’re just starting your hip hop jewelry collection, , you must not forget the matching

method of earrings and rings.

Multiple layers collocation

The key to properly layering your chains is to keep them between3 to 6 chains, depending on

length, size, and thickness. Multiple layers collocation is the key point of hip – hop dressing, and

the collocation effect is very important.

Avoid too many conflicting collocations, and avoid using necklaces of the same size and style.

For example: put one or two Miami thin chains on the shirt and one or two chains of different

lengths and styles on the outside of the shirt. You can choose high-purity chilled jewelry and

place a pendant with personal characteristics, which will be very personalized.

Customize an exclusive jewelry

Pendants are some of the best hip hop jewelry accessories for showing off your personality.

Pendant is also a perfect tool to show image, personality and lifestyle.

So, don’t forget to make good use of your unique pendant.

Gengar Pendant of hip-hop jewelry



Jewelry Designer: Liliana

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