Similar to Monogram Jewelry, the Letter Necklace is based on the letters of the alphabet and serves as a popular style of jewelry for many people. Because its individuality makes it special, many people customize their Initial Necklace with their name, and it’s something unique that only you know.


Origins of the Letter Necklace

The Initial Necklace and Letter Necklace are very popular designs. But this style isn’t just popular in modern times. Its history can be traced back to the Romans, who were likely the original inventors and users of Initial Jewelry. In those times though, the initials were just minted on coins.

In the Middle Ages, to prevent people from confusing their respective rulers, the rulers engraved coins with their initials or a combination of letters to symbolize authority. Later, letters were further used on flags, coats of arms, and national symbols to distinguish the powers of one ruler from those of another.


The use of letters actually began as a personal one. In times of material scarcity, people would sew a combination of letters onto clothing to signify belonging to one person to prevent loss. Letters were even marked on tablecloths, tableware, silverware, jewelry and decorative items to symbolize the authority or style of the family.


Why the Letter Necklace is Popular

We often see people wearing Letter Pendants, which can represent your own personal initials or the initials of someone you value, signifying a reminder of the importance of someone or something. Further, you can use this letter necklace to express something that you want to achieve through your efforts.



Both the Letter Necklace and the Initial Necklace can convey personalization and individuality. This type of necklace can fully express your thoughts, and you can choose the letters that represent your first name, last name, or the letters of your loved ones. A necklace like this can easily deliver that special meaning because it carries your hopes and feelings for the person you choose.


★ Expression of Identity

In the past, letters were only added to items to better distinguish personal belongings. Now it’s evolved into a way of expressing identity. Some people present themselves with a pen name or a certain letter. Of course, many organizations also use this method so people can quickly recognize them, and it carries identity and significance.


★Strengthening of Relationships

In our lives, there are many happy and warm memories with family and friends. Therefore, the Letter Necklace or Monogram Jewelry is a very appropriate gift on holidays or birthdays. When you gift someone a Letter Necklace, that person must be very important to you, and in this way you remind the person you value to always remember you or happy times together. The person receiving the gift can feel that you treasure your shared story. This gift not only delivers emotions but also keeps the memories.


★Gifts of Remembrance

On important anniversaries, we all want to give the important people at our side a delightful gift. This gift doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive, nor does it need to be gorgeous. It just needs to be unique and carefully chosen by you so that it can fill that special someone with joy and happiness.



What kind of Letter Necklace do you like?

★Bubble Letter Necklace

This is a very popular Letter Necklace because it brings a relaxing, fun and humorous feeling. It’s a great gift that makes people easily remember happy times.


★Drip Letter Necklace

This Drip Letter Necklace is very personalized, as if it’s telling a story. If you want to present a gift that represents the story between you, this is a very appropriate Letter Necklace.



★Crown Letter Necklace

This Crown Letter Necklace is very personalized and is a very bold and gorgeous Letter Necklace. It’s a great gift if you want to remind yourself of your efforts on a certain achievement or if you want to give it to a friend to wish him/her well in their future achievements.



Letter Necklaces are popular everywhere, and they’re inherently meaningful and personalized. Wearing your own Letter Necklace can promote your confidence and wearing your loved one’s initials can express your love for them. It’s a gift that holds lots of emotion and can be kept forever.


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