Chains have become fashionable

Rap music videos have always been eye-catching in terms of imagery, choreography, and the music itself. In order to create a strong visual effect, music videos often feature a lot of dance moves and bling-bling jewelry around the rapper’s neck. The most common chain used for this is the Cuban Link Chain. Not gonna lie, this chain gives a strong impression!

The Cuban Link Chain is said to have started in Miami, was popularized by one of the earliest rap artists in the 70s and 80s, and continues to be popular today. As a result, more and more people started wearing Cuban Link Chains. It’s become a fashion trend and it’s a gender-neutral piece of jewelry, not limited to just the rap music community.


How to choose the right chain length

Chains have always been a key piece of jewelry in hip-hop culture. Through the fusion of cultures, chains have evolved into a wide variety of styles for anyone to choose from. The most common ones are the Cuban Link Chain, Curb Chain, Tennis Chain, Figaro Chain, Mariner Chain, Rope Chain and Byzantine Chain, etc. However, the Cuban Link Chain and Curb Chain take the number one position in hip hop jewelry. In this article, we’ll talk about how to choose the right chain length. Common chain lengths include 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″, 24″, 26″, 28″, and 30″, each of which has its own details that need to be considered. Paying attention to these details can significantly enhance your taste in clothing.


Guide lines for chain length


For those of you using the metric system, 18~20″ is about 45 cm~50 cm.

This Cuban Link Chain length is the size most men choose. Both sizes will hang right at the clavicle, but it’s also important to choose according to your body size. For those who want to wear it in this position, it’s recommended that you choose at least 20″ in length if you have a stronger body shape.

Key points for selecting 18~20″ chains

■ Choose the most appropriate size for thick chains

■ Avoid using chains that are too thin and lack visual focus

■ Try to use a single chain without a pendant

If you want to pick a thick chain, you usually choose these two sizes. That’s because if the chain is too thick and too long, it will cause visual pressure and make you look awkward.

Let’s introduce the 20 mm Cuban Link Chain Necklace from the ICEHIPHOP store. It’s a thicker chain, visually cool and bright, and is perfect for wearing to a party or at a relaxing gathering at night. Intuitively, we always think that thicker chains are more appropriate for strong and muscular guys. In fact, strong guys can easily handle thick chains, but they will come off looking tougher. If you’re a slim guy, just be careful not to choose overly exaggerated jewelry. A thick chain with a simple shape will make a better finishing touch anyway.




22~24″ is about 55 cm~60 cm.

This chain length is very appropriate for daily wear. You can never go wrong with 22″ and 24″ for daily wear, because this length will make you feel visually relaxed and free from pressure. 

Key points for selecting 22″ ~24″ chains

■ Visually relaxing effect

■ Avoid choosing chains that are overly thin or thick

■ Recommended width is between 10 mm-14 mm

■ This length is perfect for hanging pendants of any size

The following chain is a little more fashionable and stylish because it’s crafted with half zircon and half enamel. This colorful chain is not recommended for everyday wear at work though, as it’s very conspicuous, but it is perfect for a lavish evening.




The length for a 26″ and 28″ chain is about 65 cm-70 cm.

This chain length is a little longer and is ideal for multi-layering. It adds a sense of unity and layering, making it more personalized. Be careful not to choose a chain that’s too thick for this length, unless you want to match three or more chains.

Key points for selecting 26~28″ chains

■ Visually relaxing effect

■ Recommended for strong chains, such as the Rope Chain and Byzantine Chain

■ Not recommended for chains that are too wide, as they’ll take the focus away from the overall look, such as the Mariner Chain

■ Large pendants are recommended with this chain length

Chains have always been the key jewelry of ICEHIPHOP. ICEHIPHOP offers a wide variety of hip-hop jewelry. Here we introduce the Miami Cuban Link Chain, a multi-layered piece that can’t be ignored. The Miami Cuban Link Chain is a compact yet simple and non-flashy style with an understated metallic feel that can hold the spotlight.



16 and 30

16″ and 30″ is about 40 cm and 75 cm.

These two sizes are the two extremes, one is too short and one is too long. 16″ chains aren’t produced often because a normal male body size will accidentally turn a 16″ chain into a Choker, but its structure is different from Choker. So, the 16″ Chain is too short for the average guy. In addition, the 30″ thick chain is not appropriate for slim guys to wear, because it will form a visual contrast.

Key points for selecting 16″ and 30″ chains

■ Extremely long chains tend to be visually cumbersome, so pay attention to the overall look.

■ An overly short chain can be visually oppressive, so pay attention to the overall look.

Choosing the right chain length is definitely a skill. With these tips, you can easily enhance your style for everyday or big occasions.


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