The Eye of Horus is also known as Wedjat Eye or Udjat Eye, and the name Horus also comes in many different forms, such as Har, Her, Haroeris or Harakhte. The Eye of Horus is a very common symbol and one of the most famous symbols of ancient Egypt. It has a very special origin and protective power, so the Eye of Horus has always served as a talisman.


Eye of Horus Mythology

Have you ever wondered about the meaning and story behind the Horus Eye? It is said that this symbol is a big part of ancient Egyptian mythology, so let’s find out together.


In Egyptian mythology, Osiris had two siblings, one of whom was Set. In order to seize power and control the kingdom, Set killed his own brother Osiris, and cut his body into 14 pieces and scattered them all over to prevent him from entering the underworld after his death. The ancient Egyptians believed that in order to enter the underworld, the body had to be intact, embalmed and buried before the soul could enter the underworld to be judged.


With the help of the goddess Nephthys, Osiris’s wife Isis eventually put the scattered body parts back together, and Osiris came back to life. However, gods who have died cannot rule over the living again, and so Osiris became the god of the dead. The main figure of this myth, Horus, is the son of Osiris, who grew up to avenge his father’s death and defeated Set to inherit rule over all.


Ancient symbol of mathematics and medicine

The Eye of Horus is also an embodiment of mathematics and medicine, and is also considered to be one of the oldest mathematical concepts. If Eye of Horus is considered to be scattered all over the world in six parts like the myth, then these six parts represent the fractions 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 and 1/64, and these fractions form a geometric series. Isn’t it surprising when advanced mathematics appeared as far back as 2300 B.C.?


How to Use the Eye of Horus in Your Life

★Fishermen paint the Eye of Horus on their fishing boats to pray for a smooth and safe voyage.

★Hang the Eye of Horus in your home for protection.

★Hang an Eye of Horus symbol in your car to wish for a clear road ahead and a safe journey.

★Wear an Eye of Horus Necklace to show your sense of fashion and enhance your good aura.


What do the Left and Right-facing Eyes Symbolize?

According to legend, the left eye and the right eye each take a completely different meaning.

The right eye symbolizes the sun, signifying strength and protection, and is therefore also known as the Eye of Ra.

The left eye symbolizes the moon. According to Egyptian mythology, Horus lost his left eye during the battle with Set, but it was miraculously restored by Hathor. In this sense, it symbolizes health, restoration, and a discernment of good and evil, so the left eye is often used as a talisman.


The Meaning behind the Eye of Horus

According to this myth, the Eye of Horus symbolizes sacrifice, healing and protection. In addition, it has another meaning: providing the souls of the dead with a path to the underworld and the afterlife. As a result, wearing the Eye of Horus Necklace can bring health and wisdom.


This ancient, mysterious and beautiful symbol has always been popular with the public. Whether you prefer to wear the right-facing Eye of Ra to receive more good luck, or the left-facing Eye of Horus to help you see clearly and think with wisdom, or if you simply like the look of the Eye of Horus, this piece can give you the power you’re looking for.



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