Men’s jewelry, needs to be loved and cared for.

With their unique luster and low-profile, luxurious beauty, pearls are often cited as one of the most important gemstones in jewelry. Unlike other precious stones, pearls are very sensitive organic jewelry that requires some extra care. The Men’s Pearl Necklace has emerged in the fashion world these past few years. Although it’s men’s jewelry, it still needs to be loved and cared for.

Care guide for men’s pearl jewelry.

Although pearls are organic jewelry, they can stay with us for a long time if we take good care of them. ICEHIPHOP has compiled a care guide for its Men’s Pearl Necklace line to keep your jewelry as bright and lustrous as ever.


  1. Stay away from acidic and alkaline substances and chemicals.

    To maintain the luster and color of your pearls, you should avoid your pearls having direct contact with perfumes, skin care products, cosmetics, and cleaning products.


  1. Prevent scratches from hard objects.

    When we wear pearl jewelry, please don’t wear it with any other hard objects to prevent unnecessary scratches. Please store them separately when putting them away to prevent other jewelry from scratching the surface of your pearls.


  1. Take off your pearl jewelry when exercising and sleeping.

    We should remove pearl jewelry before doing sports and exercise because sweat has a corrosive effect on pearls. When you sleep, the thread may be overstretched due to certain sleeping positions, thus increasing the risk of breakage.


  1. Avoid exposing pearls to sunlight and keep them away from heat sources.

    Since pearls contain a certain amount of water, high temperatures and exposure to sunlight will cause the water to evaporate and age the proteins in the pearl, which can damage its structure. Pearls should be kept in a cool place to avoid dehydration.


  1. Wipe them after wearing.

    Use a soft suede cloth or flannel cloth to wipe away grease and sweat after each time you wear them to keep your pearls shiny.


  1. Pearls need air.

    Don’t leave pearls in a sealed environment for a long time. Pearls need air and a certain amount of humidity. You should wear them every few months to help them breathe.


  1. Check and change the thread regularly.

    The threading material tends to loosen over time. If you wear your pearl necklace frequently, you should change the thread once a year to keep the thread clean and strong. When storing your pearl necklace, do not hang it up for long periods of time, as the threads will loosen and deform over time. It should be stored flat, in a natural way.Further Reading

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