Easter has always been an important holiday. What do you think of on Easter? Easter eggs? Us too! Now, let’s talk about the origins and traditions of this important holiday. We always like to give our friends and loved ones some precious gifts on important holidays. On the one hand, it lets us share the joy of the holiday, and on the other hand, we bring a pleasant surprise to our family and friends.


The Origin of Easter

Easter is a commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion. The name “Easter” is derived from the Latin word Pascha and the Hebrew word Pesach. According to the Bible, Jesus Christ was resurrected during Passover. That is why this name is used.

On the Friday before Easter, many people wear a Crucifix Necklace to commemorate Good Friday. Then, on Easter Sunday, some people wear a Cross Necklace or Jesus Cross Necklace to remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for the sins of his followers.


Origin of the Easter Celebration

Easter is often regarded as a festival of joy because it represents the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy. Easter therefore also represents redemption and the hope of victory over death. Traditionally, it is believed that the death of Jesus Christ paid for the sins of mankind, so Easter is also an affirmation of religious faith.


Easter Traditions

During Easter, everyone, regardless of their faith, gathers to celebrate the holiday. Some of these traditional activities are not related to the religious celebration of Easter, but these folk activities increase the lively atmosphere of Easter.


◆ Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs are the most common element of Easter, and egg decorations have become part of the Easter celebration. People give each other colored eggs as gifts and also paint the eggs with bright colors and hide them for children to find and collect.


◆Easter Bunny

Another popular feature—the Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny is the most popular symbol of Easter. It gives out candy and chocolate eggs to children on Easter Sunday morning.


Best Easter Gifts

If you want to give someone a special gift on this special holiday, a distinctive piece of jewelry is definitely the best choice! You might choose a fashionable Cross Necklace or a meaningful Crucifix Necklace as a special and festive gift.


◆Cross Necklace

The Cross Necklace is a personalized necklace, which is not restricted by time and space, and is appropriate to wear on any occasion, making it a perfect gift.





Crucifix Necklace

Over the years, the Crucifix Necklace has gradually developed from a simple shape to an exaggerated style of fashion jewelry. In recent years, the design of the Crucifix Necklace has also favored a combination of different materials or slightly changed the image of Jesus. Therefore, the Crucifix Necklace has further developed into a trendy fashion symbol.




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