Awaken Your Inner Passion With This Bling Bling


 An extension of contemporary art and culture

Few people explore the origins of hip-hop culture, but jewelry has been an important part of hip-hop culture since the 1970s, when hip-hop music began to flourish. This is a precious cultural feast where hip-hop artists express themselves to everyone through their own culture and art – showing their personal thoughts and ideas on hip-hop culture, happily and for the whole world to see.

And so, you’ll find that “iced out” watches and rings or jewelry called “bling bling” have been presented in a very special form in modern culture. In this era, the word “bling” has become mainstream and its style is the contemporary art of this era.


Symbols of personal success and wealth

Many hip-hop artists have adopted designer fashion brands and dazzling jewelry to decorate themselves as a symbol of success. 

Thus, hip-hop jewelry is used to represent wealth and status, and to achieve visual appeal through ostentatious decorative effects, as well as a way to show success.


Creation of your own fashion style

In our “” collection, you’ll see that many rappers use hip-hop jewelry to show their personal charm and style, and rapper jewelry has formed an inseparable relationship with rappers.

Rapper jewelry is very effective in creating personal charm, not only enhancing one’s visual effect, but also showing a stronger personal style. Personal fashion style is like an invisible business card, and also deepens the impression others have of you. In icehiphop products, you might find that Cuban chains aren’t just Cuban chains anymore; we have both the Cuban Prong Link Chain and fancy Coffee Bean Chain.

 Cuban Prong Link Chain and fancy Coffee Bean Chain

 Multi-layered dressing show

Jewelry is all about individuality and uniqueness, but hip-hop jewelry is different from other jewelry. This is because hip-hop jewelry emphasizes multi-layering, which is itself a form of pop art and easily creates a lively and distinctive personal style.


 Emphasis on personal thoughts

Hip-hop music is a tool for rappers to express themselves. After the 1970’s, young people grew more courageous in showing their ideas and more able to express their opinions, whether socially acceptable or not. This is why hip-hop jewelry can also be described as rapper jewelry, boldly expressing ideas and telling the world about the person. I don’t know if you feel the same passion for hip-hop like I do. In icehiphop products, you may have noticed that the credit card has become a piece of jewelry too, which is a manifestation of personal style. 

credit card 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Jewelry Designer :  Liliana



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