Let’s take a look at a variety of chain styles!

With time’s passage and profound cultural influences, we’re fortunate to have grown up in an era of a big cultural melting pots.Perhaps we might have an English breakfast in the morning and later have Thai or Indian food for dinner.

Modern society is a big family.So, what about jewelry? It’s synonymous with culture. Every piece of jewelry quietly reveals a cultural background from its material, form and structure. And the chain? It can play both a main and supporting role.


Big Chain Guide

Curb Chain

Curb Chains are one of the elements of hip-hop culture. It has a deep cultural background. This style originated from a centuries-old technique, and it’s actually related to horse tack. It consists of several identical loops connected to each other until a suitable length is reached. There are more than ten popular Curb Chain styles, all of which are quite distinctive. You can choose a suitable Curb Chain based on the occasion.

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Tennis Chain

The Tennis Chain is a kind of chain that has a simple structure, yet at the same time, it can display a sense of glamor. Differing from other chains, the Tennis Chain not only relies on its own metal structure, it also needs to be matched with gems to show off its splendor. The gems can also be very diverse themselves. Just by using varied materials and gems colors, very rich and varied styles can be created.

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Figaro Chain

The Figaro Chain consists of two or three small circular links and one elongated oval link. The most famous Figaro Chains are made in Italy, and they are usually worn by men, adorned with pendants such as crosses. This structure is very similar to the Curb Chain, but there are distinct differences. Although I am not sure when the Figaro Chain originated in Italy or whether it’s related to classic operas like “The Barber of Seville” and “The Marriage of Figaro,” I am certain though that this understated and simple style is extremely popular with men.


Puffed Mariner Chain

This is a unique chain because each oval link has a hole on each side. In fact, this has a very charming design inspiration, so sometimes it’s called by another rather dreamy name – Sailor. Don’t you think it’s shaped a bit like an anchor? Maybe because it has a similar look to an anchor, it’s a beautiful and dreamy choice for someone who loves the ocean. The intricate Puffed Mariner Chain is quite delicate and glamorous, making it perfect for women. The thicker chain shows off feeling of power and strength, which is very suitable for men.


Rope Chain

The Rope Chain is a metal necklace composed of several small circle rings that are then combined to form the shape of a rope. This style is so popular that a craftsman can decide to completely change the size of the entire chain by using circle rings of different sizes or thicknesses. Due to the chain’s very solid structure, not only can it bear a lot of weight, but even if one of the rings is damaged, it won’t damage the entire chain.


Infinity Chain

The Infinity Chain, which is shaped like the number 8, whether it is in the form of a pendant or a bracelet, has always been a very popular piece of jewelry. That’s because the pattern itself has a very beautiful meaning. As a result, the Infinity Chain is naturally welcomed by a lot of people.  The Infinity Chain forms a charming pattern through a series of infinity symbols, which embodies a feeling of softness.

Box Chain

Just as the word suggests, it literally refers to boxes. The Box Chain consists of a series of cubes. It’s also known as the Square Link Chain because of its shape. Each box is perfectly cut to four equilateral sides and has a flat, shiny surface. Together with the Curb Chain, the Puffed Mariner Chain, the Rope Chain, and the Figaro Chain, the Box Chain is also considered to be one of the most popular chain styles, suitable for both men and women. It’s also known as a Venetian Chain.

In fact, the Box Chain also comes in many different styles.

◆ The Mirror Box Chain is very similar to the standard Box Chain, the only difference being that the gap between each small box of the Mirror Box Chain is very small, and visually it looks like a golden line. It’s super delicate.

◆ The difference between the Rounded Box Chain and the regular Box Chain is that the structure of the whole cube of the Rounded Box Chain is not very neat but slightly curved, which gives the chain a softer feeling.

◆ A simple description of the Double Box Chain is basically that the double-layer boxes are linked together, and the direction of where the boxes join produces great differences in the way the chain looks. Generally, a method of mutually joining the boxes is adopted. The way it’s joined greatly affects the Box Chain’s thickness. In addition to the Double Box Chain, there’s also the Triple Box Chain, in which the visual effect is stronger; of course it’ll be thicker as well.

◆ The Greek Box Chain is a personal favorite of mine. In addition to its characteristics, it also gives you a delicate sense of craftsmanship. However, this kind of chain can easily give others a strong feeling of masculinity and needs to be worn on select occasions.

Wheat Chain

The Wheat Chain is composed of teardrop-shaped chain links arranged in the same direction, like a bundle of wheat, hence the name. The Wheat Chain usually consists of four oval and twisted oval links in structure. These metal wires are woven together to form a visually stunning chain. This design concept derived from natural elements is presented as elegantly and quietly as ears of wheat. In addition, this type of structure is very solid and isn’t easily damaged.

Foxtail Chain

The origin of the Foxtail Chain can be traced back to hundreds of years ago in Italy. The name comes from its appearance, which imitates a fox tail. Look closely at the chain and you’ll notice a lot of V-shaped links, like a fox’s tail. This is a piece of jewelry that attaches great importance to hand craftsmanship. It needs to be handcrafted by experienced and skilled craftsmen. Like other chains, the Foxtail Chain comes in many forms and can be very diverse in its looks. The production of the Foxtail Chain pays more attention to the cleanliness of each ring than other chains. Therefore, because each ring needs to be closed, the soldering needs to be just right during the production process to ensure that the rings are properly sealed between each ring, in order to ensure a cleaner and smoother appearance.

Franco Chain

The name originated in Italy, and the earliest inspiration is said to have come from Cuban Chains. The Wheat Chain, Foxtail Chain and Franco Chain all have a similar appearance, but the overall structure is still very different. These three chains have their own absolute and independent styles and structures. The Franco Chain is popular because in addition to its strong chain construction, it has a very clean appearance and is resistant to forming knots, which is a great plus.

Byzantine Chain

The Byzantine Chain is an extremely complex metal chain. The chain itself possesses a high degree of craftsmanship and the chain is soft and elastic to the touch. This style is considered to be quite old. It has a unique and ornate craftsmanship, and can stand the test of time. The Byzantine Chain also has several interesting names, such as the Birdcage, the Idiot’s Trap and the Bird’s Nest. I think that can be attributed to the fact that this chain style has a long history.


Paperclip Chain

The Paperclip Chain is a contemporary chain style that’s very art deco. Visually, each ring resembles a paper clip, hence the name. The Paperclip Chain is very popular with modern women, and can bring out the a woman’s unique characteristics very well.


Bead Chain

Also known as the Ball Chain the Bead Chain Taking the meaning of the words literally, it’s a chain formed by connecting a series of beads. The Bead Chain is a very common chain with a wide range of uses, so it’s also a very popular pendant chain because it can create a sense of style and lends itself to more flexibility than other ordinary chains.


Cable Chain

The Cable Chain is also a very popular chain style. Whether it’s oval, round, or even square, there is a connection on the side of each ring to connect to each other. The structure is very simple and practical. This is also a very popular chain style.


 Bismark Chain

The Bismark Chain has a very simple structure which is formed by combining two chains. The two sides are neatly welded together to form a parallel chain link. Although the structure is simple, it’s a chain with rich combinations, and the craftsman can determine the thickness of the chain by adding more combinations.

Figarucci Chain

This chain style is much like a hybrid of the Figaro Chain and the Puffed Mariner Chain, and feels more complicated than the Figaro. It’s also a chain style that’s been particularly popular in recent years. It’s been transformed from two very Italian-style chains, but a little Latin American passion has been added to it, which makes it very interesting.


Mesh Chain

This type of chain has a braid-like effect, using very fine metal threads that are woven into the chain. It’s become very popular in recent years. There are many production methods. The first one is by weaving metal wires into tubular or flat profiles to produce the chain; the second production method is done via a knitting process, using needles to create a continuous, seamless effect. Just like when making knitwear, the Mesh Chain can adhere to the surface of the skin. In recent years, it’s become quite popular to use 22 or 18 carat gold to produce an attractive Mesh Chain.

  Popcorn Chain

The Popcorn Chain is very special, and the graphic displayed on the entire chain is quite beautiful. Looking at it up close, it looks like many small dots assembled into a tubular necklace, which forms a very beautiful line. For those who want to pursue a special look, this is a very suitable chain.

  Snake Chain

The Snake Chain is probably the most popular chain of all time because of its smooth and fluid shape, with a small dot in the center of each link; when chained together, the Snake Chain forms a snakeskin-like surface with its V-shaped pattern. The overall feel is quite stylish and attractive.

 Singapore Chain

The Singapore Chain is very special and requires a metalworker to cut the surface of the metal like a diamond in order to give the chain a strong luster. Additionally, the Singapore Chain looks like it’s twisted. When your hands are moving in opposite directions along the chain, the chain itself can be stretched. Hence, the sparkling, twisted appearance of the Singapore Chain is its most unique characteristic.

Espiga Chain

The shape of this chain has its very own personality and is said to be an incarnation of wheat. This kind of chain has a very strong totemic sense and possesses the classical and elegant temperament of ancient Rome. The chain is solid yet simple in its construction, and has a soft, slightly feminine feel to it.

Trace Chain

The Trace Chain is very similar to the Cable Chain. However, the Trace Chain feels softer and more delicate. This effect lends to the Trace Chain being very suitable for pairing with a delicate pendant, giving it a very feminine feel.

Omega Chain

The special shape of the Omega Chain has always been a new favorite in the world of fashion. This kind of curved hard chain is not only suitable for being a part of the styling, but also for hanging large pendants that showcase a powerful and imposing manner. Unlike other chains, the Omega Chain isn’t assembled to present this style, but is created using an internal wireframe.

Herringbone Chain

This chain is composed of many flat and thin pieces of metal. This chain has a very modern look and is an ideal choice to wear for any occasion. It is closely connected by a series of chain links, showing a smooth and glossy line like a Snake Chain, but the overall feeling is thicker than that of a Snake Chain.

Serpentine Chain

The Serpentine Chain is a flat chain like the Herringbone. It’s unique in its shape. The front side looks like many S-shaped links connected to each other. It has a very classical temperament, and is quiet and elegant as a totem. This chain is great for showing off one’s personal style by wearing either alone or layered.

Panther Chain

The Panther Chain looks a bit like the Mesh Chain from a distance because it has a very beautifully woven look. This stacked block structure is elegant and refined, and can be arranged in two, three or more rows to form a ribbon-like chain as needed.

San Marco Chain          

The appearance of this unique design gives this chain a thick, heavy outer appearance. This chain possesses very Italian-style artistic aesthetics. The chain of this tubular structure is usually designed to be hollow, so it’s actually very lightweight in addition to having a modern design sense. From the front, it presents a half-tubular appearance, which can showcase different glosses and craftsmanship through various manufacturing processes.



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