How Femine Pretty Grillz started?

The recognition and popularity of Feminine Pretty Grillz came about later than male Gold Grillz. Nowadays, women’s Grillz are a symbol of fashion style, and even a declaration of philosophy and fashion. This definitely differs a little from the main concepts of hip-hop culture that we’re all aware of. Although a Grillz shows status and wealth, today it’s more of a combination of fashion and artwork. Slowly, this culture has spread farther, and more people are starting to understand the meaning behind this showy jewelry, and also beginning to appreciate it more.

While in the past, hip-hop and jewelry were almost equated to each other, nowadays Grillz aren’t just worn by Rappers, but also by non-Rapper celebs seeking fashionable jewelry, gradually forming a broader fashion trend. ICEHIPHOP, inspired by this trend, has developed a series of artistic pieces for Pretty Grillz in collaboration with jewelry designer Liliana M. Lin, a move that brought custom-made Grillz to the pinnacle and further enriches the design vision of Grillz.

The feminine Pretty Grillz isn’t a completely new thing but actually a resurgence. Gold Grillz disappeared from the media for a while until being reintroduced in 2013 by Madonna, Katie Perry, and even Beyoncé in a sudden, big way. Today, the public has started to view the popularity of Grillz in a more positive light. No one can escape the fashion statement a Grillz brings. The following celebrities have showcased their mouth jewelry, which isn’t just a display of wealth, but also shows off their fashion and creativity.

Appreciating One-of-a-kind Women Celebs’ Pretty Grillz

Let’s look at some examples of female celeb mouth jewelry


The queen of pop showed off her birthday gift of a pair of grillz on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The idol queen is always at the forefront of fashion and displays a lot of avant-garde art.

Photo source: NBC


Beyoncé, the queen of brand perfection, showcased a simple yet special Adidas gold singlecap in the Ivy Park x Adidas campaign in 2020. When looking at the pieces Beyoncé wore, we notice that the queen prefers simple yet unique looks. In addition to this Adidas singlecap, she also has the letters set “IVY PARK” and the vampire Grillz. However, this piece was released in collaboration with Adidas and can’t be taken as a personal preference.


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  1. LIZZO

Lizzo showed her bottom diamond drip grillz on Instagram.

It’s a delightful piece that showcases both glamorous diamonds and vivid shapes. It’s a great piece for women to wear. Women’s mouth jewelry can be used to build a personal image or as a fashion statement.


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Many people were stunned by Lady Gaga’s special Grillz. We’re not sure if there’s some deeper meaning in the piece itself, but it does show a lot of creativity and achieves its purpose. Even though this artwork isn’t what hip-hop culture is about, and maybe it’s not what this piece is about, Lady Gaga did create a lot of buzz with this piece.


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Katy Perry is definitely a female trendsetter. She wore a dazzling diamond and gemstone grillz on her teeth for her Dark Horse music video back in 2013. This piece has become the most expensive grillz to date, valued at around $1 million. What makes this piece exceptional is its high-end jewelry style, not just Bling Bling or Iced Out Grillz.


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In 2013, Rihanna showed off her custom-made AK-47-shaped Grillz, which instantly created buzz and gave people new ideas for women’s mouth jewelry. This completely proves that jewelry designers can bring more meaning through design as well as enrich and create works using more design elements.


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Loni Love, a famous host and comedian, has an unforgettable and cheerful smile. A few years ago, she posted a photo of herself wearing a diamond grillz on Instagram, which also created a lot of discussion. This photo seems to be carefully designed to show Loni Love’s jobs. Loni Love’s fans love her positivity and this shows with her grillz.



Every time Rita Ora shows off her new mouth jewelry, she gets a lot of critiques and gains lots of new followers. After seeing Rita Ora show her mouth jewelry on Instagram, I’m a firm believer that she’s really a true fan of this kind of jewelry.


  1. KELIS

Compared with other female celebs, Kelis seems to prefer a classic Gold Grillz.The classic and vintage jewelry make many think Kelis has a fun and principles-based personality, and that this simple piece of jewelry can reflect her spiritual side.



The singer and model has always had an appealing image, with her extremely short hair and clean-cut look. But at the same time, she can be described as a Gold Grillz performer and a fan of tattoos. In 2019 Amber Rose and her boyfriend Alexander Edwards showed off a VVS1 diamond Grillz valued at $250,000, which again attracted lots of attention.



Although as a female rapper, showing Grillz is considered a necessary fashion statement, Nicki Minaj’s personal image has always been more fashionable than her Gold Grillz.She seems to avoid being overly flamboyant in her mouth jewelry and has perfected a feminine aesthetic of her jewelry to present to the public.



Not only is Jessica Simpson a beautiful pop singer, she’s also created her own excellent brand. There doesn’t seem to be many photos of her wearing Pretty Grillz. She’s only shown her Grillz once for the Teen Choice Awards back in 2006. Jessica Simpson might not seem to be a fan of Grillz, but it’s at least been a small part of her career.



Kim Kardashian plays multiple roles as a TV celebrity, actress, businesswoman and model. She doesn’t always wear her Pretty Grillz, but when she does, she always captures everyone’s attention. The most impressive piece is her custom-made opal grillz she shared on Instagram, reportedly worth $18,000. Regardless of the price, this opal Grillz is as beautiful as she is.


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As an actress and singer, Christina Milian shows off her bottom Iced Grillz Baby on Facebook. It was a delightful scene when she wore a pure white sparkling diamond Grillz. For those who have a strong sense of fashion, accessories or jewelry are always the key to mixing and matching, which can grab anyone’s attention in an instant.


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